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HA Academy- Welcome to Hakim’s Aalim Hair Academy! -

Today hairdressing is one of the top industries in the world. In the fashion industry, hairdressing opportunities are growing at a fast pace along with beauty in the film & television industry, fashion houses, magazines, photo studios, etc.
Hakim’s Aalim is responsible for creating trendiest hairstyles for the fashion progressive people. From styling and coloring to proper hair care, here you will be trained in everything that you need to understand for styling with perfection.
At Hakim’s Aalim Hair Academy, you not only become an artist in hair, but you become an all-rounder fashionista. While you are with us, you will get an opportunity to imibe the best of Hakim Aalim techniques & outstanding craft.
By the time you have completed the course, you instinctively become a stylist who is versatile and technically-sound. You would be able to cover all the fashion moods with very subtle tricks which you hone during your professional training.
Hairstyling is an art and a good hairstylist is always a very valuable commodity. In the hairdressing industry, the opportunity for growth and professional development is the part of the profession.
Hairdressing is a career which allows you to showcase your creativity, to have fun, to earn a name, fame and good money. Great opportunity waits through your work and also the good opportunity to meet new people and always learn something new.
So if you enjoy working with people, like to use your creative abilities, have interest in fashion & art and enjoy a sense of achievement in your work, then a career in hairdressing is waiting for you. Come, let Hakim’s Aalim Hair Academy help you get your career started in hairdressing.


Beginner’s Hairdressing Diploma

Our beginner’s course is for anyone with a dream and a passion to become a good hairdresser. If you believe in your creative abilities, love working with people and are passionate to carve a name for yourself in the world of hairdressing, then enroll for this course and take the first step towards a successful career.


Basic techniques of cutting and colouring hair
Learn fine nuances of the art. Understanding the fundamentals of hair through the basic techniques of cutting and colouring hair. Learn to control, mould and craft hair, understand how shape and balance works and how to accentuate skin tone and enhance the structure of face.

By the end of the course, you will be confident enough to combine all the techniques you have learnt and create your own individual style.

No formal experience is necessary, although you are expected to be hard working and passionate about hair!

Rs. 1, 80,000/- onwards.

3.5 months along with an additional 3 weeks internship at hakim’s aalim saloon on completion of the course.

Tuesday – Saturday (10 am- 5 pm), 5 days at the academy and Sunday at hakim’s aalim saloon. No classes on Monday.

On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded hakim’s aalim hair academy Diploma certificate.

You will be issued with your own personal tool kit which you can take with you at the end of the course. The kit contains: scissors, hair dryer, straightening irons, set of combs and brushes, dusting brush, section clips, water spray, dummy head and entire beginner’s syllabus.

Photo Shoot
Upon course completion, you’ll get a professional photographer & a make- up artist to showcase your creativity in your own unique style, complete with haircut, colour and styling.

Advanced Hairdressing Course

This 5-day advanced course is designed for hairdressers who want to focus on the hairdressing skills needed to perform in today’s competitive salon environment. You will learn how Hakim’s Aalim innovative cutting techniques can be tailored to suit your clientele whilst giving you the tools to inspire members of your own team.

The advanced course pushes the boundaries of hairdressing forward and it introduces you to a new side of hairdressing that is experimental, fashion forward and always inspiring.


Creative cut & colouring:
The curriculum comprises stunning model presentations, fascinating lectures, guided work sessions and demonstrations that include both cut and colour. Understand the relevance of color in creating a total look, together with its relationship in adding depth and enhancing shape and cut. Learn innovative sectioning and application techniques. Get guidance on effective colour choice and correct mixing.

Hakim’s Aalim Creative Team share their skills in order to illustrate their latest collections.

Our educators are approachable, friendly and ensure that the session is interactive, allowing you to seek help, ask questions and really make the most of the pool of talent available to you.

Demonstrations and workshops during the course will leave you feeling inspired to return to your day-to-day salon work, armed with a portfolio of new looks to increase your avenues, inspire your team members and boost your own morale.

Ideal for confident stylists seeking new challenges in their regular salon work. We recommend that you should have a minimum of one or two years of hairdressing experience to benefit from this course.

Rs. 25,000/- onwards.

5 Days.

Tuesday to Saturday (6 pm to 10 pm) at the academy.

On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate by Hakim’s Aalim hair academy.

Students must carry their own kit.

Fast Track

This course is a favorite with hair professionals looking to achieve a higher standard of classic/ contemporary work.

With just a 2-day investment, you will learn new techniques in cutting, how to adapt those skills and learn how to achieve best look for your clientele.


Create new looks with new cutting and coloring techniques.

Get a thorough understanding of a bank of cutting techniques that will help you face all client situations with confidence and professional pride on a daily basis. Learn trendy cutting and coloring hair techniques. Attend creative cutting and colouring sessions that guide you through new renowned techniques by incorporating the use of disconnection, freehand and modern colour placement.


This course demonstrates Hakim’s Aalim new techniques of cuts and colour. This course culminates in an inspiring presentation of work from the Hakim’s Aalim creative team,including finished look presentation models giving you the opportunity to exchange ideas with the leaders of the industry.


Any hairdresser who has basic knowledge in hairdressing.


Rs. 12,500/-


2 Days


Sunday and Monday (10 am to 5 pm)


On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate by Hakim’s Aalim Hair Academy


Students will have to carry their own personal hairdressing kit.

Men’s Hairdressing Course

This course has been designed to deliver a concise introduction to the lucrative and invigorating aspects of men’s hairdressing.


You will learn about the four key phases that will take you from classic shapes into fashion focused work, shape refinement, scissor-over-comb techniques together with different outlines and finishing techniques.


The course encompasses all hair lengths and will leave you skilled in the dedicated cutting, styling and finishing techniques found in barbering. You will also understand the importance of masculinity for men and the difference between soft and rugged looks.


Perfect for hair professionals with more than one year of qualified experience or those looking for a great start in barbering.


Rs. 25,000/- onwards


5 Days


Tuesday to Saturday (6 pm to 10 pm) at the academy


On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a Diploma certificate by Hakim’s Aalim hair academy.


Students will have to carry their own kit.